Kates Favorite Products


I use the Clarisonic to wash and exfoliate my face which can be purchased on amazon.com and is one of my best purchases for skin care to date |  Darphin lotion which can also be purchased on amazon and worth every penny, I put it on every night before bed | As far as makeup remover goes, I use dove bar soap to wash my makeup off because it is gentle on my skin which is very sensitive and use coconut oil to remove eye makeup (it really is the all around best product for everything from eye makeup remover to cooking oil to body moisturizer) | I’m also a firm believer in keeping Neutrogena face wipes on hand always for those nights when your routine comes second to falling into bed and going to sleep immediately |


I recently bought the NuMe Signature Ionic Hair Dryer ( http://numeproducts.com/products/browse/signature-ionic-hair-blow-dryer/ ) in black and i’m in love with this product and all NuMe products.  I have a ton of hair and it usually takes me AT LEAST 30 minutes to blow dry my hair (what a hassle am i right?) and this wonderful gem cuts drying time in half and my hair feels so much better than before due to the amazing technology they use.  YES, it is a ton of money.  I waited until there was a coupon code for it and they are usually great about deals for these products so if you want it just keep your eyes peeled! It’s completely worth it! |  I also use Nume curling wands, they are just the best in my opinion because they are very good quality with lots of options and they always have deals going on. |  ALWAYS look at their deals and steals tab they always have something incredible going on! I’ll be doing a post of a review on them soon!


Oh my goodness I love the stuff.  If there are any specific questions feel free to ask me.  I  believe that with every different face, there are different products that may work best for it however, there are a few things that just rock for anyone.  All anastasia brow products are my go-to for good eyebrows.  They are hands down the best that i’ve tried.  | For a cheap mascara I love the covergirl orange tube.  And for a more pricey but amazing product I tend to lean towards the dior blackout mascara and benefit’s they’re real. |


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