Thanksgiving in Birmingham

This year, Cooper and I went to Birmingham for thanksgiving ((ROLLTIDE)to be with his side of the family. ┬áThe last time we were there together was the thanksgiving after our engagement and this trip was quite different seeing as how we brought our SON to meet the family! This was also the first time Cooper and I have ever flown somewhere together!! That’s so bizarre to the both of us after almost 6 years together and lots of traveling between the two of us! I thoroughly enjoyed having his help carrying the diaper bag and pillow during the journey, since last time Roman and I did plane travel without him! I was expecting this time to be easy peasy but in fact, when Roman flew the first time at two months old it was quite a bit easier because he was so tiny all he did was sleep and eat! This time we definitely had to do some entertaining for fear of a screaming baby annoying everyone! However, I will say, Roman is so great and easy going and it makes it easier. He ate, talked and looked around, then after about an hour of that fell asleep. Overall the journey to Birmingham was pretty enjoyable!!!





This is a photo of Roman and his great grandmother Gamble, and this trip was the first time she had gotten to meet him! It was so sweet and exciting!


We were able to go to the Holiday house which is a super cute 44 year old small store that sells TONS of amazing christmas ornaments! The last time we went we were buying our first christmas ornament and this trip i’m guilty of purchasing several including a baby’s first christmas beautiful glass ornament! The sweet lady that owns the shop is the daughter of the woman that started it. She loved Roman and said next time when he is older she will take him out back to see the chickens! I told her that would probably be wise because next time he will be much more likely to break things! Ha! Below is a picture of Roman and I outside of the holiday shop by the little elf, all of the ornaments we bought this time, and the first Christmas ornament we bought two years ago!











We met up with his dads side of the family for a delicious lunch at the Fish Market on Wednesday, I had some incredible salmon! This trip was interesting because we had a totally different schedule than normal, and that schedule was Roman! Trying to do things while still making sure he gets his naps in can be difficult especially seeing as he is not a fan of being in his car seat. We did figure out that he loves little Einstein’s and Peppa the pig so we let him watch the iPad a little while while in the car and we got lots of smiles out of that sweet boy.


On thanksgiving day, we went to Coopers Moms sisters house to be with her side of the family. Roman was WORN OUT from everything we were doing! I snapped a picture of him napping in the living room chair. We also got a family picture that day at her house that I love!





That night when we got back to the hotel, Roman was so tired. He was being such a sweetheart the entire time even though I could tell he was so exhausted! I snapped some pictures at the hotel while he was relaxing! I can’t help but smile when I see them either. I’ll treasure these moments just as much as the ones where we are busy!







Friday we went and did two of my app time favorite things to do in Birmingham, eat at Sneaky Petes hot dogs and then getting dessert at Savages bakery. I’m telling you guys. These two places ROCK. I literally dream about the two of them on a regular basis. Sneaky Pete’s has this hot dog called the slaw dog..oh my word…I think I’m drooling now just thinking about it! Savages is just the best. I’ve not had one thing there that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed and loved…and I’ve tasted quite a bit! I recommend both to you should you ever choose to visit Birmingham! (Which you should by the way!)
I think everything was not only a different pace having Roman but also way more exciting. Taking him to places for the first time even if he won’t remember.



This year just felt more special than years before. I’ve always been thankful, for lots of different things…but now with Roman, I feel like it brings a whole new meaning. I’m sure I’ll feel this way a lot during the holiday season and I don’t mind one bit! I’m so grateful to be able to have these experiences with my two guys. A year ago on thanksgiving day we found out we were going to have a baby. We didn’t realize how good life would be a year later. We didn’t realize how thankful we would be, how much love we would feel. Life is exciting. Life is always changing. Life is just getting better and better. For that I am thankful.

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful you are reading this and I’m thankful I can share my story here with you. God is good.

Xo Kate


Roman’s Birth Story


At 9:00 am on Monday July 28th, 2014 I was sitting on our guest bed with my mom in my pajamas chit-chatting when I received a phone call from the hospital wanting to know if I could be there at 10:00 am…yes in an hour…they so kindly clarified. I was set up for an induction that thursday due to my gestational diabetes. Thursday was my brother’s birthday and the day that my dad and brothers would be coming. I was ready for Thursday. Monday? not so much. I immediately lost control of my nerves. I asked if I could just keep my appointment for Thursday only to find out that I might not be able to then because of over-booking. You can imagine my joy. So, if I declined doing the induction (the next hour) then I may not be able to until the next week. Which would have meant my Dad and brothers trip would be useless. I told them I would call my husband and call them right back. Cooper was immediately excited and exclaimed, “TODAY? okay i’m coming home now!” I could hear the excitement in his voice. I was excited too, I’d been waiting for what seemed like forever to hold this sweet baby boy, but I felt like I couldn’t quite get my head in the right place of calm and peace. I called the hospital and told them I’d be there and that began what ended up being the most exciting day of my life.

In hindsight, which we all know is 20/20, I would have immediately eaten as much as I could stomach at the time. Instead, I chose to shower, thinking this would be my last peaceful uninterupted one for quite sometime. Again, looking back I think, you fool all you need is food!!! The above picture was as we were leaving our house for the hospital. The next time we would walk through those doors we would have our little boy in tow.

By 11:00 am, I was on pitocin and my Dr. (who I love dearly) had broken my water. I felt very lucky in the fact that I was already 4cm dilated for about two weeks before my induction. I sincerely thought because of that I would progress quickly…silly ole’ me. Instead, when I was checked at 3:00 I had only gotten to 5cm. It was rather disappointing being on pitocin and having constant contractions that I wasn’t moving faster. I decided then that I would get an epidural. I remember for a long time that I thought I would think less of myself for getting one. At that point, I knew my head was not in the right place to do this all natural. I couldn’t get peace and my anxiety was getting the best of me. I remember the look of relief on Cooper’s face when I said I wanted it. I know he couldn’t stand seeing me in pain but supported me no matter what. by 3:30 I had the magical juice and it rocked. I was able to take a short nap, and watch a little Harry Potter. by 5:45 she had checked me and I was at 9cm!!! His head was turned wrong so when she talked to the Dr. he said he wanted me to push once to see if it would engage him. The rest seems like a bit of a blur. I pushed with all my might and the nurse exclaimed,”I see his hair!” and immediately went to call the Dr. and tell him to get there! I pushed as hard as my body could possibly let me. Epidural or not I gave it everything that I had. I felt so present and so at peace. After a very short 15 minutes, my son was born at 6:55 pm. The nurses and Dr. seemed in awe of how fast it happened, and so did I!

As I held my son I couldn’t believe it, he was perfect. When they took him over to get cleaned up I felt an out of body experience. I sat there with the goofiest grin on my face. Little did I know things with me weren’t really going smoothly at all. I’m incredibly thankful I had a Dr. and nurses that stayed so unbelievably calm, cool, and collected. According to my mother I was losing a sickening amount of blood and as the seconds went by I was getting whiter and whiter. My mom has since told me she almost had to leave the room. I’m also thankful that my husband was completely focused on our son and had no idea what was going on until after the situation had been rectified. This scenario did however greatly effect my recovery period.

Overall, I had the best experience I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for the way I can tell my birth story and I consider myself incredibly lucky.

Below I will attach photos of these perfect moments.
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