Feeding Baby Series post #3

Okay folks, like I said when I began searching for people to participate in this series, this is about feeding your baby…whether that’s by breastfeeding, or formula..or both! I will talk more about what I think when I finish the series with my journey but I’ve been so thankful for these different mamas and our different paths and being able to share them. This next post is by a sweet lady named Holly Stankowski, we met via Instagram through my fantastic wedding photographer as a mutual friend. I’m so happy Holly is sharing her journey with us and I enjoyed reading it immensely and I’m sure you all will as well! Enjoy! Thank you Holly!!!!

Xo Kate


When I found out I was pregnant I immediately knew that I wanted to breast feed. There really was no question in my and my husband’s mind. It would be inexpensive and I was all about being financially responsible with a child. Gender-neutral baby stuff, cloth diapers and trying to be practical in a world that often temps otherwise.

Somehow ​a formula company found out I was pregnant…still not sure how that happened! They sent me some samples and coupons. I gave them to my mother-in-law who often cared for my nephew whom was a formula fed baby. I didn’t need them.​..or so I thought.​

​My daughter was born on a Wednesday. ​The gender was a surprise and I was thrilled to have a little lady to love up on. Plus we only had a girl name and no boy name that we both agreed on so it made that part easy! ​She ​​was beautiful and I was in love.

At the hospital everything about breast feeding was wonderful. She latched immediately and had the right kind and number of dirty diapers. I met with the lactation consultant briefly and was sent on my way.

And then my milk never really ​came in​. Family and friends spoke of this sensation and ‘knowing’ that it was happening. But it didn’t. I called the breast feeding line and was told to continue feeding and pump in between. I did that, but never pumped a full ounce at one time. And​ nursing was hurt​ing​ and I had blisters…no one ever told me that might happen.

I was disappointed. And then my ​baby cried a lot. ​ And I cried. ​ I felt that she wasn’t getting enough milk. She nursed and nursed but it never seemed to be enough. On Saturday afternoon I packed up my sweet little babe and went to my mother-in-law’s for the ​formula​. E drank an ounce and then part of a second ounce. And ​this was immediately following a lengthy breastfeeding session.

And that’s when I began combination breast and formula feeding.

And people asked how breastfeeding was going. And I was disappointed in myself. I felt that I was letting my husband down. I felt that I wasn’t doing what was best for my child. I tried herbs. I tried pumping. I drank more water. And I still had to keep supplementing.

And you know what? At some point I realized it was ok. Supplementing was what was best for my baby. It was needed to nourish her. A​nd ​this was our reality​ and not only was it ok, it was perfect. For us.​​

My thoughts​ to new moms or seasoned moms​: ​do what is best for you and your child(ren). ​Yes, breast is best, but sometimes breast isn’t best. It’s not best if you ​r​baby needs more nourishment​ that you can’t provide​. It’s not best if you can’t produce milk at all. It’s not best if it is interfering with your ability to care for yourself​ – whether it be stress, sadness, frustration…anything! Do what works for you and give that baby an extra kiss​ and snuggle and simply enjoy​.

​:) Holly.​



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