the day in which i said, “i do” | part one |


this is the date that my happily ever after truly began. that day was the start of the life i’ll be living with Cooper Watts Davis until my last breath.

at 6:30 am i woke up with an ache in my tummy unable to shut my eyes again for a few more hours of sleep. I woke up and woke up my maid of honor aly. i remember her sighing and wanting to go back to sleep (who can blame her though right?) and this is when the nerves hit hard. i ended up being sick ALL morning up until the moment Cooper put his arms around me.

around 10 am, my bridal luncheon began.  let me tell you, i had the BEST bridal luncheon you could possibly imagine.  my mothers three best friends, Nancy, Holly and Tani planned it and it was AMAZING.  lots of tears were shed and advice from my wonderful grandmothers and my new grandmother in law was given and smiles were all over the place.


my sweet bridesmaids and i got ready at my parents house and i had the best makeup artist (kakki jones) and my hair stylist, kitty, that had been doing my hair since around age ten was in charge of my crazy mane.  these ladies were incredible.  they did such a great job of pampering me and calming down my crazy nerves.


i was honored to wear my mother-in-law’s wedding shoes from 1979.  she even still had her lucky penny from that year taped to the sole of the shoe! we added an alabama quarter (where my husband is from) and 50 euro cents (because of my love of Italy) next to her penny–my dad searched far and wide for a 2013 penny with no such luck.  apparently they hadn’t been released yet! 




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