Love Story

Cooper and i met my junior year of high school when i thought the world would end if i had a zit and that having a boyfriend upped my cool status.  Cooper was a freshman in college and that in and of itself was major.

i went to visit my friend Mariah at the theater where she worked and a hottie in the box office caught my eye.  i of course told Mariah that i thought that boy was cute and she told me his name.  i quickly forgot about it all because at 16 what chance did i have of that cute boy liking me right?

WELL, at around 1:30 am i received a text from said boy saying, “hey kate its cooper from the theater, sup?” yes…he said “sup?”  Again at 16 what could have been cooler than this cute boy texting me no matter how ridiculous his comment was?  In a twist of events that included me not realizing who said texter was and deleting it and then figuring it out and calling my friend at the theater to tell him to text me again—one week later, this boy was my boyfriend.  i guess you could say we hit off.

Almost five years later and this guy is my husband, the ying to my yang, the fred to my wilma, the gil to my anne, the ron to my hermione, the romeo to my juliet—you get the picture.

We have since been through long distance, wedding planning while in college, a wedding, being separated due to basic training, being separated due to tech school,  the excitement of finding out we were having a baby, a move cross country, and the heartbreak of losing our baby as I was entering my second trimester.  Through it all, Cooper is my constant rock and source of joy.  This man completes me.  This man knows me better than anyone.  This man is the love of my life and I thank God for him constantly.


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